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Multiple Learning Styles

Teachers at ABC take all the different styles of learning into account while delivering the lessons in a class of varied abilities. Each class is fitled with a Smart Interactive Panel (SIP) with uninterrupted connectivity to enable teachers to present their lessons visually and students to share their presentations through the same

The social learning takes place through social service activities including visit to old age homes to with orphanages, raising funds for relief etc.

Activity-Based Learning

As ABC's children learn through purposeful quality play experience, they build critical basic skills for cognitive development and academic achievement. Thus, they pick up skills such as verbalisation, language comprehension, vocabulary, imagination, problem-solving, observation, and the spirit of collaboration quite early on.

Hands-On Science Learning 

Science Labs

A comprehensive study of science is incomplete without a proper appreciation of the scientific principles involved. ABC's full-fledged laboratories give students the opportunity to conduct experiments in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology which fosters in them an inquisitive spirit and a scientific temper, while also helping them build practical skills in the applied sciences.

STEM Lab and Robotics

STEM education is an experiential form of learning which is focused on building in children a deep conceptual understanding of science and technology. Art and design are also being included, as they are essential to build creative and ethical technologies that are aimed at achieving social good.

Robotics is a programme aimed at cultivating an innovative spirit and interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) among students, and stimulates them towards building and inventing new technological models. ABC has the infrastructure that allows students to tinker around and experiment, which will eventually help them transform their ideas into reality.

Math Lab

The mathematics laboratory is a place where students can experiment and explore patterns and ideas using a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material. This is a space for student to develop the spirit of logic and discovery.

IIT Foundation Courses For IIT Aspirants

Access to top quality preparatory courses for popular entrance examinations (which open doors to prestigious institutions such as the IITs, NITS, AIIMS, and IIMs) is now possible for all ABCians, without the enormous expenses involved in relocating to a metropolitan city.

ABC give access to the students to online preparatory classes for their smart-panel enabled school class rooms. Lectures involve two-way communication, and are delivered by expert teachers, lecturers and professors of different places.

English Language Lab

No matter how skilled one is at a subject or discipline, the ability to communicate one's knowledge to a wider audience is crucial to success. ABC's English Language Lab assists students in learning English and developing communication skills, across the four parameters of LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).

Trinity College London, UK

ABC, in association with Trinity College London, UK, prepares students for the Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) every year. These examinations, conducted by native English speakers, help students build skills and confidence in the English language. What's more a certificate from Trinity, being internationally recognized, opens many new doors to a global career.